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Portable Interactive Whiteboard

Portable Interactive Whiteboard
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Product Code : IWB
Product Description

IWB Portable Interactive Whiteboard is an advanced electronic system that mainly consists of the two parts viz emitter and sensor. Emitter is attached with the flat surface. It emits infrared light waves on the 1 mm thick surface that is parallel to the projection screen. When any non-transparent object touches anywhere on this virtual surface, the reflected light from that object is read by the sensor. And a computer associated with the system figure out the position of the mouse. IWB Portable Interactive Whiteboard is sensitive to the 10 point touch. We are offering this at the very reasonable price. 


  • It features finger touch active size up to 100
  • It is highly portable (Main part includes emitter and sensor, totally weight less than 500g)
  • Auto calibration within 5s with success rate greater than 95%
  • It supports 10 points touch
  • A good number of gesture recognitions
  • Very cost-effective device
  • Min throw ratio: 0.28


  • It uses the advanced algorithm to avoid the affect of the light.
  • The Projecting screen can be very closer to the frame of the whiteboard, it can achieve full screen mode and use all of available screen.
  • The device supports plenty of gesture recognitions.
  • Our auto calibration is very accurate and it is easy to perform.
  • Support 10 points finger touch that means 10 people can write together.
  • It supports larger active size which is 40-100 for the room with sunlight
  • The device is highly portable, high integration and easy to install.
  • It has got sensor with the flash chip. You need not to calibrate if you change another computer with the same.
  • The product is compact and small. Its emitter part size is 3.5cm 17cmx2.4cm; it can put on the board directly.
  • Turn common board or wall to touch board. It can turn any flat surface e.g. whiteboard, wall and so on into finger touchable.
  • Any non-transparent object can be used as pen like a rolled paper
  • It supports double screen, extend screen, blended screen, or just two screen together.